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Cashes Ledge is one of New England’s most remarkable undersea treasures: a 25-mile long underwater mountain range 80 miles off the coast of Maine. The peak of this mountain comes within 40 feet of the surface, and Cashes Ledge harbors the largest and deepest kelp forest on the eastern seaboard and a vast diversity of ocean wildlife, from North Atlantic right whales, Atlantic wolffish, and blue sharks to fields of anemones and sponges.

This area has been protected from bottom trawling since 2002 and as protected habitat serves to restore groundfish and ocean wildlife harmed by decades of overfishing.

But now the New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC) has created a draft plan which would eliminate protection for nearly three quarters of Cashes Ledge and allow bottom trawling and other harmful activity.

Allowing bottom trawling in any part of the Cashes Ledge Closed Area will threaten unique ecosystems, rare species, and already depleted fish populations. To ensure the health of our ocean wildlife and a thriving New England for all, we ask for NOAA’s leadership and action to permanently protect the full Cashes Ledge Closed Area.