Video: Take a 5-Minute Dive on Cashes Ledge

If only everyone could see and experience the wonder of Cashes Ledge for themselves, we know they would feel as passionate about protecting it as we do. That’s why we’re excited to share with you this new video, filmed with our partner, National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry, Brown University Biologist Jon Witman, and local fishermen. We hope you’ll agree that this video, which features stunning new footage by underwater videographer Evan Kovacs, brings Cashes Ledge to life in a whole new way.

Cashes Ledge is unlike anyplace you’ll find on land or sea – one of the most dynamic hotspots of biodiversity in New England and the entire North Atlantic. But it’s in danger. Cashes Ledge has been protected from the most harmful fishing practices for more than 10 years. But this amazing preserve for fish and ocean wildlife may be just a few months away from having its protected status revoked.

We need your help to make sure that doesn’t happen. You can make a difference for Cashes in just two easy steps:

First, if you haven’t already, please sign our petition to NOAA today, asking them to protect Cashes Ledge.

And second, share this video far and wide with your friends, colleagues, and networks, and ask them to sign our petition and support our work. Because we need many more passionate people like you to take action, today, to protect this remarkable marine refuge.

It’s going to take all of us raising our voices loudly and clearly to protect Cashes Ledge. Thank you for your commitment and for being part of the New England Ocean Odyssey community.

23 thoughts on “Video: Take a 5-Minute Dive on Cashes Ledge

  1. We have to forget about the dollar and use ours heads to keep this habitat intact. We were wrong fishing whaleback and it shows. We were wrong allowing the mid-water trawlers to continue and it shows. Let’s not blow this one.

  2. I am in agreement in keeping Cashes Ledge closed permanently in order to protect any breeding stocks of cod fish that might be in that area. It is an under water world that is very diverse and would be ruined by the commercial fishing methods be it by dragging, the worst or by gill nets. We must not allow big money boat operations to destroy this habitat.
    Bill Wagner
    Captain Bills Charters

  3. there has to be a place where fish are protected from fishing , casches ledge seems to be an obvious choice.

  4. I am in full support of keeping cashes ledge area closed permanently as a place for the fish stock to multiply!!!!

  5. Please keep cashes ledge closed save this important marine environment so our children will be able enjoy all the marine life it supports. This will also help with our cod and haddock restoration efforts….Thanks Craig

  6. I would like to see cashes ledge to continue to be protected from trawling. the stocks of codfish are at record lows in the gulf of maine and continued protection would be prudent at this time. thank you.

  7. The Cashes ledge area is of paramount importance to sustain the groundfish fishery in New England. I heartily support maintaining Cashes Ledge as a protected area.

  8. Please protect Cashes Ledge. We’ve lost most of the natural ocean environment in New England, lets keep what little we do have left. Thank you!

  9. Please, please, please keep Cashes Ledge closed permanently. I am an avid ground fisherman and have seen the cod fishery decline dramatically off Maine in just the last 3 or 4 years. Recreational keeper sized haddock were almost non-existent in 2014. Opening up Cashes Ledge to Commercial fishing (draggers, trawlers, gill nets, etc.) is extremely short sighted and will bring an end to any possibility for cod population recovery. We must not destroy this key marine habitat.

  10. As with any natural renewable resource smart management and enforcement of laws that provide protection is a necessary process. I support the closure of Commmercial Fishing at Cashes Ledge and any other Habitat locations for Breeding of our Atlantic fish species.

  11. think cashes and georges should be off limits to draggers for good think draggers should ALL beturned into off shore reefs!

  12. Recreational fisherman, from Friendship, venture to Cashes Ledge a few times a year. We travel 63 miles before the first line goes over. This year , because of a number of factors, 13 boats, all lobsterman from our small community were on Cashes over the last weekend in June. Boats brought their children for the first time and the wildlife was , to say the least, incredible. Please preserve this resource.

  13. I’m a recreational fisherman and I believe this area should stay closed to commercial fishing. If this area would open to commercial fishing at this time it could have devastating results to the restoration of the ground fish this area has been protecting.

  14. The ocean belongs to the many, not the few. The catch of the recreational angler pales to the the damage done by commercial fishing practices such as trawling and the destruction of the habitat. The by catch of such practices is apalling and should not be tolerated. These commercial fishermen will eventually destroy everything including their own livelihoods.

  15. I am a recreational fisherman from New York, I would like the Cashes Ledge to remain close. Draggers that take and kill whatever is in their way should be fined more severely, If the recreational fisherman is punished more severely than these draggers there is something wrong with these laws and the laws should reflect having the recreational fisherman be able to fish freely. If the future of the fishing industry is at stake for our future kids to enjoy then I say let the our kids win. When any kind of fish is at the point of extinction we can not justify the draggers. After all the recreational fisherman isn’t the one taking home tons of fish to sell to overseas markets. Someone in the higher echelon food chain that sets these ridiculous rules that benefit the commercial draggers should step down or make the ultimate effort and give the post to other individuals who care for and are fighting for the well being of our kids and grandkids. I hope that the right choice is reached.

  16. The groundfish of New England need a sanctuary so that there numbers can recover. By keeping Cashes Ledge closed to commercial fishing, recruitment of the juvenile groundfish can contribute towards this goal. Keep it closed!

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