Sea Rovers 2016: That’s a Wrap!

Last weekend, divers from across the region attended the Sea Rovers dive show in Danvers, MA. Throughout the two-day show, we had conversations with hundreds of people interested in learning more about our campaign to protect special places in the Atlantic.

At our coalition’s booth, we received more than 150 comment cards and captured many photos of supporters voicing why they believe that Cashes Ledge and the New England Canyons and Seamounts should be permanently protected. Here are a few of the highlights (Click here to see the entire Facebook album!):

“#SaveOceanTreasures because its an unseen world important to whales, sharks, and all things fishy!!”
Sea Rovers 3
“#SaveOceanTreasures because they’re critical for the North Atlantic ecosystem!”







Evan Kovacs at Sea Rovers
Undersea cinematographer Evan Kovacs shows video footage from a recent expedition to Cashes Ledge

On Saturday, we were fortunate to present to a packed room at our seminar, “Cashes Ledge: The Yellowstone of the Atlantic,” which featured new film footage from cinematographer Evan Kovacs, as well as an overview of the scientific importance of Cashes Ledge by Dr. Jon Witman of Brown University. CLF’s Dr. Priscilla Brooks wrapped things up with an overview of why these areas need permanent protection now – and what supporters can do to help.

Jon Witman at Sea Rovers
Dr. Jon Witman gave the compelling scientific case for protecting this ecologically important area

Over the span of the two-day conference, the enthusiasm and passion for protecting undersea treasures was evident, with many attendees expressing the desire to be able to dive in such an amazing place someday.

We hope President Obama will come through on his Administration’s stated goal of protecting more ocean habitat before his term ends. Because of that, we’re committed to showing the breadth and depth of support we have to save these ocean treasures.

Dr. Priscilla Brooks spoke about Dr. Sylvia Earle's dive at Cashes Ledge -- and how supporters can get involved to help save this special place
Dr. Priscilla Brooks spoke about Dr. Sylvia Earle’s dive at Cashes Ledge — and how supporters can get involved to help save this special place

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