Fish Farming in Wujin, China

Postcard from Brian – Wujin, China

Check out this great photo of Brian on assignment for National Geographic. This image shows Brian on a boat at a wholesale market in Wujin, China – photographing the off-loading of bream carp that are raised in pens on Gehu, Lake. China has been using aquaculture in some form for over 2000 years, and they currently have the lion’s share of the global aquaculture market.  Today, Chinese aquaculture production makes up over half of the world’s total. Over 90% of the world’s aquaculture production comes from Asia and the Pacific region.

New England has its own history of aquaculture – while not anywhere close to the size of China’s, it is expanding. We have a growing shellfish industry, which mostly produces clams, mussels, and oysters. New England’s saltwater finfish aquaculture is mostly farmed Atlantic salmon in Maine. We also have freshwater producers raising trout and salmon in hatcheries throughout New England. Those fish are raised to certain size then released to streams and ponds. Read this recent blog by former CLF intern Madi Gamble about the state of New England’s aquaculture industry to learn more.

We are excited to keep in touch with Brian as he travels the world, making his beautiful pictures. But we are always glad when he comes back home and joins us on our journey beneath New England’s waves.