Since 1966, Conservation Law Foundation has used the law, science, policy making, and the business market to find pragmatic, innovative solutions to New England’s toughest environmental problems. Whether that means cleaning up Boston Harbor, protecting ocean fisheries to ensure continued supply, stopping unnecessary highway construction in scenic areas, or expanding access to public transportation, we are driven to make all of New England a better place to live, work, and play. Our goal is not to preserve what used to be, but to create an even better New England — a region that’s truly thriving.

You can help protect New England’s ocean by becoming a member of Conservation Law Foundation. When you join CLF, you are supporting our work to preserve our natural resources, build healthy communities and promote a vibrant economy. Every day, CLF advocates stand up for New Englanders – in state houses, court houses and board rooms, at regulatory hearings and community gatherings—to forge new paths to environmental progress and economic prosperity for our region.  Your contribution ensures that we can be everywhere we need to be to protect your New England.